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      Surge Mastercard Understand us
      To Whom it may Concern, Surge MasterCard understands poor people and they will give you a chance and help you rebuild your Credit so that you can get a fresh start in life again! Paul
        Card with benefits
        Hope it will be the card for me. I have got a few cards and i hope i can count on this card to help as well.
          Awesome Credit Card
          This is a very good credit card. They report to all three major credit reporting companies. I Love it!!!
            So far, so good
            signed up for the card to take advantage of the 50k bonus points offer. I received the card and was buying away within 10 days. I have only had the card for 2 weeks, but if you are trying to obtain the bonus offer, make sure you activate your card near the beginning of the month to ensure you will have the full 3 months to hit the $3k level to get the bonus points. I activated mine near the end of a month and was only able to charge a few hundred $ on it thus far. Best thing about the card thus far is the card itself. It is much thicker and heavier than a normal card and has drawn quite a bit of interest and envy from everyone I have shown. Now we will wait to see if I can get those bonus points! Only complaint so far is the online user interface. I am a loyal AMEX user and love their website. Compared to AMEX, the Chase site is lacking A LOT in terms of usability. Have not tried customer service yet so we'll see how that goes...
              Good Card - Recommend
              I have the card mainly due to the free room at the Marriott. I get a free night one a year for having the card and I can then use it for a mini vacation. Makes me feel like I got something for nothing. Customer service has been ok. No complaints.
                Just got this card
                I just recently signed up w this card due to the promo on points when used for gas. The price of gas is so high I figure this way I can dedicate this card only for gas and at least get the bonus back and I can keep track of how much I am putting in the tank.
                  Instant Approval
                  This is my first Citi Card, and I was tempted by the 5% cash back on certain categories. I plan to use that... Who doesn't need an extra 5% back in their wallet? Anyway, so far I am very pleased with the approval process: Approved in about 30 seconds after submitting my application with a 735 FICO (TU). APR is high at 20.99%, but I pay off my balances anyway, so the rewards is what matters. No annual fee and a 3,000 credit limit for starters.
                    Love American Express
                    Customer service rocks and the bonus points add up quickly! Only problem is not all places take American Express like Visa and MasterCard. I always have a Visa as a back up just in case but American Express is my go to card.
                      Love the perks with the Platinum Card
                      I have been a gold member for several years. Recently I planned a trip to Universal and you can use your points to stay there, but only if you are Platinum. Platinum = higher annual fee. I weighed the options and decided all the perks you get made it worth the extra at least this year since we get cash to spend in the park, early in at the harry potter exhibit, package delivery back to our room and a few others. If we traveled a lot it would be much more beneficial as far as perks go.
                        great rate for balance transfer
                        Good offer for no late fees, no penalty, no annual fee and interest rate. rate better than other credit cards Good customer service.
                          $200 Cash Back
                          I was lured in by the $200 cash back offer. I applied and was instantly approved with a FICO of 745. If you keep your balance paid off, and stay away from late fees, then this is a no-brainer. Nice 1% - 5% cash back on purchases and no annual fee.
                            The best card in the market
                            I Like that every store and airlines accept American Express cards
                              Rewards and Terms Are Competitive
                              Great card with lots of perks. Good on-line management as well as rewards redemption for merchandise, travel and of course - cash. My FICO score was in the upper 700's when I got approved 4 years ago, had a credit limit decrease and interest hike of 4% since the recession. Other than that, good card.